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Stressed Woman

Hi Mama

It's not too late to CHANGE your relationship to food

Are you stuck in diet culture? 

The quiz below will help you determine if you have a dieter's mindset.

Answer Yes or No:

  • Skip meals to save calories?

  • Do you weigh yourself daily/weekly?

  • Do you meticulously weigh or measure your food?

  • Meticulously plan “healthy” meals that you or your family won’t eat and you throw much of it out at the end of the week?

  • Push yourself to your limit cooking perfect meals every night? 

  • Make yourself a separate meal from your family?

  • Cancel social events because of the food served?

  • Eat in secret so your partner or kids can’t see you?

  • Bring your own meals to holiday dinners?

  • Skip meals because you don’t want people to see you eat?

  • Ever think “fu*k it” and keep eating forbidden food because once you are off the wagon, you keep eating?

  • Only exercise as a means to burn calories?

  • Binge eat?

  • Avoid sex because you think you’re too fat and jiggle too much?

  • Talk nonstop about your current diet?

  • Bargain with yourself: you overeat last night SO you will skip breakfast today?

  • Have strict food rules? (not eating after a certain time, no carbs at dinner, must workout to have treats/alcohol, yes or no foods, etc)

  • Feel guilty for eating certain foods?

  • Have safe foods?

  • Fantasize about certain foods?

  • Can’t stop thinking about what you should/shouldn’t eat?

  • You constantly body check yourself in mirrors or windows and engage in negative self-talk?


Extreme Dieter Mindset: 15 or more boxes checked

Pervasive Dieter Mindset: 6-14 boxes checked

Hidden Dieter Mindset:  3-5 boxes checked

Possible Intuitive Eater Mindset: Less than 2 boxes checked


Now what?


Well, first you have to decide if you WANT to do anything about it?

You might not be ready.

If you are ready to do the work to make the simple CHANGES you need to create a new, calm,, and joyful eating experience for you, your kids, and your family, then here are you options:

  1. DIY the journey and buy the Intuitive Eating Workbook and go it alone

Pros: Affordable, at your own pace, good prompts for you to think about

Cons: Slower, no support, sometimes confusing


  1. Work with a coach (me or another IE coach)

Pros: Faster, provides support via tools/worksheets/asking the right question and giving perspective, fun, engaging, accountability, can help identify strengths/weakness, 

Cons: financial investment, time commitment


If you want to work with a coach, how do you know if you are ready to work together?


First off, only you know the answer to that. If your not 100% on board, I will be the first to say to take your time and think more about.


I don’t want to work with people who have FOMO, afraid of saying no (so they say yes the ghost), think they have to get results (you don’t, you can do a lot this work on your own).


I want the hell yes person! 


The, I know this will help me achieve my goals person.


Here are so other signs you are ready:

  1. You are new to intuitive eating and you are treating it like a diet

  2. You want to try intuitive eating BUT are stuck because you can’t tell when you are hungry or full?

  3. You read the book but still have questions for specific situations in your life.

  4. You are so overwhelmed and don’t know where to start and deeply desire to improve your health and relationship to food?

  5. You don’t want to pass your diet habits onto your kids.

  6. You know you emotionally eat but don’t know what to do with your big feelings.


Next steps is to book a free, 60 min consult where we will go over every inch of how your relationship to food is holding you back and create a step-by-step plan to heal your relationship to food so you can break free of all the thoughts, beliefs, actions that are holding you back from living a life you love and joy.

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