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Principle 1: Reject Diet Mentality

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Breaking down Intuitive Eating even further today, let’s discuss the first principle: Reject Diet Mentality.

This post is for you if you want to know:

  • Why you keep gaining weight despite trying so hard to lose weight

  • How dieting impacts your life

  • Why you started dieting in the first place

“I know what to do but I am not doing it,” is the number one comment I hear from clients. I know they have done all the diets: Keto, Whole 30, Intermittent Fasting, Gluten-Free, and exercise.

Lots of skipping meals. Eating veggie noodles. Chewing gum to suppress their hunger. Poop teas. Pills.

I know you have done it all. I believe you.

Dieting is the most epic failure of humanity to date. Humans created a systemic way of controlling our bodies to meet the body ideals of our culture at the cost of our health, mental stability, and pleasure of life.

Dieting is the reason you keeping gaining weight.

Dieting is the biggest predictor of weight.

More than 66% of diets fail either to keep the weight off or lose weight at all.

Yo-yo weight gain the biggest predictor of diabetes, heart disease, and other chronic conditions.

There is research to back each of those claims up. Good research. Not just B.S. clinical trials that don’t have any controls, aren’t double blind, only last 12-weeks, or are paid for by weight loss companies.

Do you:

  • Skip meals to save calories

  • Track calories, macros, or points

  • Avoid carbs

  • Afraid of sugar

  • Measure your food

  • Weigh yourself daily or weekly

  • Measure your waist circumference daily or weekly

  • Have to exercise to ‘burn it off’ if you eat too much

  • Buy weight loss products like supplements or teas

  • Do regular juice cleanses

  • Detox

  • Feel guilty for eating ANY food

  • Compare what you eat to other people

  • Believe you have NO willpower or discipline around food

  • Hate your body

  • Not engage in social outings because you don’t want people to see your body

  • Avoid certain activities because you don’t think you are thin enough (i.e. swimming, dancing, sex)

  • Feel tired all the time

  • Have mood swings

  • Avoid eating with others

  • THINK about what you should or shouldn’t eat ALL THE TIME

  • Believe once you start eating a “trigger” food you can’t stop

  • Think ‘fu*k it’ if you start eating a certain food and eat beyond fullness

  • Eat differently on vacation

These are the most common signs I see in my mom clients. They:

  1. Hate meal planning, grocery shopping, and cooking

  2. Feel constantly stressed about what they are feeding their kids

  3. Feel overwhelmed with negative body image (despite being body positive)

  4. Avoid sex with their partners

  5. Never have enough energy to get through their day

  6. Fantasize about leaving their families

  7. Never make the time for movement or obsessively plan their family life around workouts

  8. Skip lunch (almost all of my clients skips lunch)

  9. Believe anything from a package is unhealthy so won’t use food products that save time and thus just order pizza or pick up takeout. It’s ALL or nothing when it comes to healthy eating.

  10. Suffer from some form of burnout: extreme stress, anxiety, overwhelming feelings of failure and hopelessness, parenting fatigue, frustration and bouts of rage

Rejecting the Diet Mentality means to stop trying to lose weight because it’s creating an unhealthy relationship to food and causes you to behave in bizarre ways with food, your family, your friends, and your life.

Christy Harrison, another pioneer in the anti-diet world calls dieting "the life thief" for good reason.

First step is to realize you are dieting.

Second step, commit to stop dieting and get help as needed.

Third, start practicing intuitive eating with a trained practitioner.

Fourth, become a grown ass woman who decides what she needs and how to make a plan and follow through.

Fifth, repeat, repeat, repeat.

Dieting is a trap and it’s only making you more miserable so your first step is to reject the dieting mentality.

This is a journey. You evolve. Your mindset needs to change. Then your food and exercise habits will too. To get your journey started, click here to book a free 30-minute consult where we will discuss why dieting is holding you back and exactly what you need to get to a healthy, positive, and highly pleasurable relationship to food.


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