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Principle 10: Honor Your Health - Gentle Nutrition

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Let me start by putting your mind at ease: nutrition is real.

Yep, food has an affect on our bodies, but to what extent? That is the real question.

With so many people hyper-focused on the wrong parts of nutrition (calories and macros), there are very few things we know to be true in nutrition.

The reality is what works for one person does not work for another because our bodies are highly adaptable and unique to us.

Food intake is definitely related to our weight. We can’t escape thermodynamics and weight is “easy” to tinker with in the lab. Starve rats here. Overfed mice there. Place people on calorie restricted diets.

The science is quite easy, but the problem is humans are highly complex social creatures who do not follow strict diets well (nor should we) and historically we didn’t have to.

Working with me we will figure out the perfect nutrition plan just for you.

No counting. No tracking. No food journals.

We will create food plans that focus on your desired level of cooking, eating out, and incorporating as much fresh & high quality foods you can afford.

And nope, you don’t have to eat anything you don’t like (unless you don’t like the whole sweeping category: vegetables...that we will have to work around).

Food is just food.

Nutrition is not perfect, but is real.

And you will do more for your health by focusing on a normal relationship to food and eating than obsessively tracking each bite you take.

To get started on your custom-built path to gentle nutrition, book a 30-min consult and let's talk about nutrition.


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