Principle 8: Respect Your Body

Updated: Jul 7

My favorite principle is Respect Your Body because it makes clients feel seen, heard, and validated.

Your body is worth respect no matter what it looks like or is capable of.

It’s important for you to learn this principle because as moms we often don’t believe our needs and comfort are important.

How can you parent effectively and wholeheartedly if all you can think about is how small your jeans are? Perhaps you don’t want to buy new pants because you want to lose weight first? Maybe you are wearing them as “goal” jeans?

How can you parent effectively if you spend the day scrolling social media and comparing yourself to other bodies? Bookmarking “goal” body photos. Following influences who make you feel terrible about yourself.

How can you meal plan for you and your family (if that’s your responsibility in your family) if you are always trying to cut calories, count points, or track macros? Of course planning what to eat is a huge burden if you are constantly micromanaging your food intake versus trusting your hunger cues.

None of this is your fault. It’s how diet culture makes us behave towards our bodies that makes us do these crazy things like post pictures of women in bikinis on our fridge to reinforce deprivation and starvation mode.

Or weighing ourselves every morning and then having the number determine if we are allowed to like our bodies or eat food that day.

In session, I work with clients on how to reframe negative self talk, how to appreciate the body they have, how to cope with the grief and disappoint of giving up on their fantasy body, and surrendering to the process of learning to be an intuitive eater.

One thing you can do today: unfollow or mute anyone on social media that makes you feel like shit.

Detox your feed.

Lose the weight of judgement.

Swap toxic accounts for body positive accounts.

Healthify your reading material by choosing books, articles, and magazines that focus on nourishing your body.

Skinny your tolerance for thin white privilege.

Nourish your mind and body with self-care, gratitude, and self-esteem building practices.

Respecting yourself means allowing yourself to trust that you know exactly what you need, what you don’t need, and how to choose meaningful habits that build your health and confidence. Start the process of loving and respecting your body today by booking a free consult with me, your nutrition and Intuitive Eating coach.

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