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Ditch Dieting

Undiet your life,
Unlock your potential.

Is this you?

"I hate food because I never crave healthy food. I think I'm addicted to food."
"I don't have time to eat, I'm too busy with my kids, my job, and house chores. I'm too burned out to care."
"If I stop dieting, I will get fat and die of diabetes like my mom."
"The guilt and shame I feel after I binge eat is suffocating and it's all I can think about."
"I try so hard to be healthy but all I feel is empty, worthless, and a shadow of my former self."
"I either take forever to decide what to eat: is it healthy enough, does it have gluten, will it inflame my body, is it going to kill me? Or I say fu*k it and eat everything as fast as I can."

Do you want:

  • Healthy food decisions to be automatic?

  • Stop obsessing about food?

  • Stop hating your body?

  • To feel in control of your weight, but on your own terms, not what society tells you?

What's stopping you?

Problem 1: You've outsourced your food decision power to diet culture

Problem 2: Your body and brain are disconnected after years of dieting

This happens when:

  1. You've lost ALL your confidence in yourself

  2. Spend all your timing comparing yourself to others

  3. Your self-worth is rooted in how you look vs. who you are 

  4. You are numb to your feelings and emotions

  5. You don't trust yourself

Which, of course, happens because:


Dieting doesn't work & erodes your self-esteem one diet at a time 

What's a grown-ass woman like you to do?


But, how?

The Joyful Eating Method ®

What's that?

A program designed for moms to help heal their relationship to food after years of dieting

Cool, but what are the results of the program?

  • Never diet, restrict, binge, or overeat again

  • You will feel calm, relaxed, & joyful when you eat

  • Your brain & body will be deeply connected

  • Live a long nourished & joyful life

  • Create a diet-free family legacy

  • Discover your sustainable weight on your own terms

Not ready to work together just yet?


Yeah, I get it, we only just met.

How about this...

Join my newsletter and get The 5 C's to Stop Overeating Workbook now.

It's a little taste of what working with me is like.

In it you will find ACTIONABLE worksheets to: 

  • IDENTIFY if you are really hungry or not

  • PIVOT from emotional eating

  • Create lasting MOTIVATION

  • DECIDE what/when to eat and how to follow through on what food serves you best

Best of all, it's free.

Because diets suck and I don't want you to waste your time thinking another diet will stop you from overeating (because hint: it's part of the reasons you feel addicted to food) I've created this free e-book to get you started. 

Thanks for submitting!



“I have 2 kids, work full-time, and am vice president of the PTA, so I know busy. Amanda helped me realize by not prioritizing my needs, I used food to cope. If I believe my kids, my job, and obligations are more important than my needs as a human, how in the world could I listen to my hunger/fullness cues? Amanda taught me how to make clear (and flexible) rules around food, but really, I created new boundaries in all areas of my life. I am a better Mom for it."

Brooke K.

"Reflecting on my time and work with Amanda, I cannot accurately describe the impact the work has had on me as a person, a mother and a partner.  The work we have done together has been exactly what was needed; raw, vulnerable, scary, exhilarating, reflective, maddening, and liberating.  The value this work has placed on my life was a gift I didn't know I needed and has freed me of chains I didn't know I had that were slowly suffocating me.  Amanda's insight, knowledge, approach and dialog has allowed me to trust myself, trust the process and has greatly improved my life, and that of my family."

Kristen T. 

Shadow on the Wall

Ready to start your journey to intuitive eating?

The first step is the hardest: booking the consult.

Booking a consult signals to yourself you are READY to change and change can be scary.

But know I will be with you 120% of the way.

Every time you think "I can't do this" or "I'm so tired of thinking about food"

I will be there.

Our work will create FOOD RULES that work for you like:​

  • Choosing mouthwatering food that energizes your body

  • Eating when you are hungry, stopping when you are satisfied 

  • Listening to your cravings and letting them guide you

  • Choosing self-care over self-control, self-empowerment over discipline, confidence over self-depreciation, pleasure over pain 

Say goodbye to these food rules FOREVER:

  • Eliminating whole food groups (say hello to PASTA again)

  • Counting calories, macros, or steps (such a time suck)

  • Judgement, shame, or guilt

Side effects could include:​

  • Eating food YOU love and LOVES you back

  • Feeling like a grown ass women who is in control of her life

  • Amazing blood work and improved lab work

  • Feeling calm, peaceful, and satisfied with food...and life (funny how that works)

  • Connecting with your kids on a whole new level

  • Increased intimacy with your partner


About Amanda


It's a part of who I am. Conforming to societal norms just wasn't me. Not even when I was younger. All the rules placed on young girls & women drove me towards Women's Studies in college at the University of Washington, but my love for health guided me towards  nutrition and I spent 2 years at Bastyr University studying and mastering nutrition. 

Before all of that, when I was 14 I started working in restaurants and learned so much about food, cooking, planning, and shopping for food. I loved food, but hated working as a chef.

So I merged my 3 passions and started teaching other rebellious moms how to create their own food rules & cook mouthwatering meals for their family without obsessing about food and nutrition.

Health without obsession? Yes, please!

Originally from Seattle WA, I has also lived in Martha's Vineyard, Amsterdam, Austin, and who you never know where will be next.

I live with my husband and 3 children. I drive a minivan. Driving a minivan is like intuitive eating. Once you take it for a test drive, you immediately FALL IN LOVE: so many features, so practical, easy to drive, great for the whole family, why did I wait so long to get one?!

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