Quit dieting. 

Start thriving.

Learn the self-leadership skills you need to conquer food and find the pleasure in eating again.


Do you want food to be your secret weapon to success in parenting, relationships, and career? 

Do you want to teach your family how to be healthy without obsessing over every little bite?

Amanda Darby
M.S. Nutrition, Chef, and
Certified Intuitive Eating Practitioner
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Is eating stressful for you?

Are you tried of dieting?

Exhausted of counting calories?

Do you want eating to just be easy?

It can be.

You are a grown ass woman who CAN decide what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat...without DIETING.

But how?

Fight back against diet culture. 

It's a rebellion.

A final stand against starving yourself. Weighing yourself every morning. Ordering a salad when you're craving pasta. 

It's an awakening. 


Towards feeling truly happy and healthy in your body.

This guide will show you how to break-up with dieting for good and what to focus on instead to FEEL your satisfied with food (and life!).


My Secret Sauce

  • Intuitive Eating​

  • Health At Every Size

  • Culinary Nutrition & Cooking

  • Family Nutrition

  • Non-Diet, Non-Weight Focused 

 Amanda Darby Coaching 

Hi, please have a seat at my dining table.

Here you won't find any diet foods, diets hacks, dieting chatter, or self-depreciating humor. 

You will find nourishing foods, habits, and conversations that support your goal to stop struggling about what to eat ALL THE DAMN TIME and FOCUS on what make you truly healthy.

In my program we will work together to create food rules that work for you based on 4 pillars: 

  1. Awareness

  2. Joyful Eating Mindset

  3. Nutrition IQ

  4. Supportive Roles: Movement & Cooking

These 4 pillars will provide you with a strong foundation to fight back against diet culture and build a healthy life for you and your family.

They are simple, but not always easy to learn on your own. And guess what? You don't have to. I'm here to help 

I've learned it. My clients learn it, and you can learn it too! 

There were so many questions I had to answer on my own.


I wish I had a coach to help me.

I felt so alone as a grasped to unlearn all my "healthy" habits...hint: they weren't healthy & made me feel crazy around food.

You are NOT alone in your pantry, fingers covered in Cheeto dust, feeling hopeless & defeated. I used to pour salt on my food to stop eating it. Fish leftover cake out of the trash. Eat full size containers of ice cream. 

You name it, either I've, or a previous client have done it.

You aren't alone and you can change.

Coaching with me is good fit if you:

  • Deeply desire a practical, non-stressful, & damn tasty approach to food & nutrition.

  • Wish you could cook better (or even at all).

  • You are a busy mom who doesn't have time for diets that don't work plus leave you feeling frustrated, hungry, moody, & exhausted.

  • You are tired of trying to loose weight...it's not about the weight, you just want to FEEL HEALTHY!


“I have 2 kids, work full-time, and am vice president of the PTA, so I know busy. Amanda helped me realize by not prioritizing my needs, I used food to cope. If I believe my kids, my job, and obligations are more important than my needs as a human, how in the world could I listen to my hunger/fullness cues? Amanda taught me how to make clear (and flexible) rules around food, but really, I created new boundaries in all areas of my life. I am a better Mom for it."

Brooke K., 90 Days to Confident Eating Client

"Before working with Amanda I HATED cooking. It was stressful and my kids would COMPLAIN all the time. Truth was, I couldn't cook well because I only was cooking hyper "healthy" meals that didn't have any flavor. Amanda showed me how to cook without recipes & with wholesome ingredients, and you know what? Cooking IS so FUN now. My kids don't complain (as much, because you know, kids are kids) anymore. Cheesy, but my life has totally changed because cooking isn't a drag anymore."

Casey M., 90 Days to Confident Cooking

Nutrition Coaching

For the Mom who is burnt out trying to follow STUPID diets and wants a simple & intuitive approach to food & nutrition.

PS. Specifically designed for the Mom who "loves food too much" and "isn't on a diet, just eating clean"

*Can add cooking coach to this package for an ALL-IN-ONE

Ultimate Culinary Nutrition Package!

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For the Mom who is tired of having your kids whine and complain about her dinners.

In 90 days you could go from fumbly prep cook, to dishing out mouthwatering meals your kids will beg for.

PS. Side effects might include: peaceful family dinner, disappearing picky eaters, saving money on takeout, & discovering new foods you love.

Ready to start your journey to intuitive eating?

First step is the hardest: booking the consult.

Booking a consult signals to yourself you are READY to change and change can be scary.

But know I will be with 120% of the way. Every time you think "I can't do this" or "I so tired of thinking about food"

I will be there.

Our work will create FOOD RULES that work for you like:​


  • Choosing mouthwatering food that energizes your body

  • Eating when you are hungry, stop when you are satisfied 

  • Listening to your cravings and letting them guide you

  • Choosing self-care over self-control, self-empowerment over discipline, confidence over self-depreciation, pleasure over pain 

These rules don't include:

  • Eliminating whole food groups (say hello to PASTA again)
  • Counting calories, macros, or fitness (such a time suck)
  • Judgement, shame, or guilt


About Amanda


It's a part of who I am. Conforming to societal norms just wasn't me. Not even when I was younger. All the rules placed on young girls & women drove me towards Women's Studies in college at the University of Washington, but my love for health guided me towards  nutrition and I spent 2 years at Bastyr University studying and mastering nutrition. 

Before all of that, when I was 14 I started working restaurants and learned SO much about food, cooking, planning and shopping for food. Loved food, but hated working as a chef.

So I merged my 3 passions and started teaching other rebellious Moms how to create their own food rules & cook mouthwatering meals for their family without obsessing about food and nutrition.

Health without obsession? Yes, please.

Originally from Seattle WA, I has also lived in Martha's Vineyard, Amsterdam, Austin, and who you never know, where we will be next.

I live with my husband and 3 children. I drive a minivan. Driving a minivan is like intuitive eating. Once you take it for a test drive, you immediately FALL IN LOVE: so many features, so practical, easy to drive, great for the whole family, why did I wait so long to get one?!