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It's Just Toast

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

It’s not news that humans are highly complex emotional beings thriving in social environments who have used food to connect to their heritage, bring comfort in times of sorrow, and healed their bodies in times of illness.

Food is the needle that threads us all together. Even in the simplest, most mundane form. Like a simple slice of toast with melted butter, we can be transported back to waking up at Grandma’s house with the smell of burnt coffee and cigarettes on our nostrils. And those sounds of crunchy bites chiming off like an alarm clock beckoning us to the kitchen where I too would sit in the warmth of the summer sun eating toast slathered with mayonnaise, topped with fresh tomatoes from the garden, sprinkled liberally with salt.

It’s just toast.

A simple, easy to digest, carbohydrate that thousands of people around the world eat everyday to break their fast, has somehow become devil food. A temptation. A guilty-pleasure. A death trap of gluten. The harbinger of death.

It’s just toast.

It has become the poster child of diabetes, heart disease, and fatness.


The symbol of death.

Where did we go wrong?

What is lost when we give up the simplest foods like bread?

What memories are lost? What memories are NOT being forged for our children? Grandchildren?

When I speak of Intuitive Eating, not only am I speaking of this wonderful framework, I am speaking of our heritage, our culture, and our humanity. Intuitive Eating is the doorway that gets us from the dark despairing side of diet culture into a dining room filled with love, human connection, and above else pleasure because as Voltaire stated, “Nothing would be more tiresome than eating and drinking if God had not made them a pleasure as well as a necessity.”

If you are ready to take the next step and learn intuitive eating and quit dieting once and for all, I would love to connect with you in a free 60-minute consult where we will discuss exactly what is holding you back and exactly what you need to get to a healthy, positive, and highly pleasurable relationship to food.


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